Friday Shopping


At Shopmobility we are constantly listening to our customers to identify new services which will meet their needs. We tend to try theses as pilot-projects to establish the need and then to seek funding to underpin the initiatives or to test them to see if they can become financially independent and cover their own costs.

This Friday Shopping Service is one such initiative designed to encourage people to access the facilities of Durham City Centre:  We will provide: a door to door transport service between your home and Prince Bishops Shopping Centre between 9am and 4pm.  To access the service you would need to:

  • • Be a member of Shopmobility Project, or become a member (costs £10 per annum)
  • • Have restricted mobility
  • • Live within an eight mile radius of the Durham Shopmobility Project
  • • Agree to pay £10.00 return fee for use of the service (Escorts / companions travelling from the same address would be charged £1)
  • • Use of any Shopmobility wheelchairs and scooters would be subject to the normally hourly charges at the time

If you wish to know anything more about this service please contact Tom or Janet on 0191 3868556